From: Dannick Design, Nick Oz, CEO 
    Dear Ofir, 
    Dannick Design is very appreciative of your work. We have received many compliments and praises about our website. We are very pleased with the excellent workmanship and the outcome of how our own work will be perceived by others because of your excellent technological skills. 
    We would like to thank you for your promptness and immediate attention to any questions and/or concerns that we may have. We are always very satisfied with the response that we receive and feel that you put your customers as your first priority. 
    Thank you for your impeccable effort and workmanship and we thoroughly enjoy the response we receive from the work you have done. You have helped our company become what it is today by portraying us in a tasteful, elegant manner that appeals very much so to the eye. 
    Again, thank you for the work you have done and we wish you the best of luck. 
    Sincerely yours, 
    Nick Oz and the Dannick Design Team 
    24730 Avenue Tibbitts Suite 160 
    Valencia, CA 91355